Cleaning Up Stains and Pet Accidents

Your pets are extensions of your family. You care as well as love them and give you love in return. No matter how hard you try, and how trained your cat or dog, accidents still do happen. You may be home late and your dog or a cat could not hold it in or they are getting a little bit on in many years and it is not easy for them anymore. As a matter of fact, you can also get those odors and stains out with these useful guidelines.

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New Stains

So, you are sitting there in your living room and your pet decides to just take a pee on the floor. You actually do not know why but there it is. If your pet is only small, it may be a little mess however, if it is big, such as a Great Dane or Rottweiler, then it is likely a flood. Therefore, first thing you have to do is for you to grab your pet and bring him outdoors. If it is a cat, then bring him to his litter box. Do not punish them since it will only make them sneakier the next time they do it.

In addition to that, do not let the stain settle in. Grab a dry towel or a tissue paper and pat down the wet spot. Try to soak up the wet portion as much as you can. Stay on it until it is barely damp. Rinse the area using cool water. When you already have done rinsing the stained portion, blot it dry. Having said that, if you have done it in time, there should not be a stain or an odor left in your carpet.

Old Odors and Stains

When talking about setting in odors and stains, it gets a bit more complicated. These kinds of stains are best removed by the professional and highly reputable carpet cleaning service provider like carpet cleaning Greeley CO. Basically, they have specially formulated treatments and procedures for cat and dog stains, so your carpet will end up looking good as brand-new.

Aside from being child and pet safe, products that are used by the professionals are environmentally friendly. They also use less water compared to the competition. You do not want a big amount of water to settle in the carpet and can possibly cause it to sink deeper into your carpet. A lot of individuals think that when they use an ammonia or a heavy-based like ammonia, it can definitely neutralize the acidic nature and odor of the urine however, this may also cause your pet to double down on ensuring that the area is already marked.

Other Stains

Pets do not often decide to make your carpet wet. Sometimes, they will do on your clothes or may lift their leg and pee on furniture. Any sheets or clothes which are soiled should go to the wash as soon as possible. You can actually use an ordinary detergent but first, check to see if there’s still an odor or a stain.

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When Should You Clean Carpets?

A lot of times, many homeowners tend to select arbitrary deadlines for their carpet cleaning however, the leading agency on pollution has made some official tips on when you should have your carpets cleaned and maintained.

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If you and your wife do not smoke and do not live in extremely muddy, cold or dusty climate, then you should be celebrating since you acquired the longest period in between the cleaning of your carpet. Professionals like carpet cleaning Rochester NY recommend six to twelve months between carpet cleanings. This changes if you lie in a dusty place or other desert climates. With all those dust and other forms of debris getting tracked in, they recommend every 2 months.

For those people which have to deal with the constant barrage of snow and rain as well as too much or extreme cold climates, professionals recommend every 4 to 6 months. If you are living in places with high humidity, on the other hand, then they also recommend 4 to 6 months.


You already know and it is quite very obvious that smoking can definitely increase life and health insurance premiums. It also impacts carpet cleaning. As a matter of fact, a cigarette is created with a lot of pollutants and toxins which infiltrate all aspects of your house from the floors to your ceiling, and your clothes, as well.

If you are living in a normal temperature place, then you just avail 4 months between carpet cleanings. Dusty places cut that by half to only 2 months. If you need cleaning your carpet where you are stranded in cold climates and high humidity then it must be cleaned once every 3 to 4 months.

Young Kids

Young kids or even babies can be so disgusting. When an item is not coming out from one corner, it is coming out the other way. As they grow the crawl and throw food around your home, picking up almost everything and placing it in their mouths. Homes with young kids have to be totally clean not just because kids are dirty and messy, but also because the carpet needs to be safe for your children. Professionals recommend that carpet during normal climates should be cleaned every 6 months.

In addition to that, carpets should be safe for them. There are also some places that deserve to be cleaned once every 3 months in accordance with extreme high humidity and cold temperature places. These cleaning procedures are very safe for pets and children.

Pet Dander

You love your pets whether they are dogs or cats, and they shed anywhere. The more pets you own, the more hair is scattered everywhere. If you take the time to brush the hairs, you now have the idea of how much they’ve shed. Carpet vacuuming can definitely help however, it is tough to keep up with the hairs that were lost. Pet dander and hair can basically cause aggravation to problems with asthma and other allergies, and a lot more.

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How to Maintain Your Carpet in Good Condition

Carpets need to be cleaned by a professional and highly reputable carpet cleaning service provider at least every six months to one year on average. However, just because your carpets are already clean do not mean they are going to stop the kids, guests and pets from bringing in dirt and dust inside your home. It is very essential to maintain your carpets between cleanings with the help of a professional carpet cleaner Charlotte so that they keep that fresh feel and look.

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Vacuum Your Carpet on a Regular Basis

When your carpet is already clean, you actually want it to be that way. As a matter of fact, vacuuming ensures that dirt and debris do not settle into the base of your carpet as well as make them hard to be removed. Carpets should also be vacuumed about at least once in a week to get rid of the pet hair, dirt, dust and other debris. Not only it keeps your carpet looking clean but also, makes the annually carpet cleaning more effective and easier. You can even use cleaning powder for carpet use and leave it overnight prior to vacuuming it out.

Do Not Forget About Professional Carpet Cleaning Companies

Carpets need to be cleaned by a professional and highly reputable carpet cleaning service provider like carpet cleaning Charlotte NC at least once in a year however, a lot of individuals spend years without doing it. Furthermore, with the bustle and hustle of life, it is easy for you to not recall about cleaning your carpet but if you like to make your carpet extend its natural lifespan and keep it looking great.

Protect Your Carpet from Potential Stains

One of the largest issues with cleaning a carpet is ensuring that stains are gone and will remain gone. When the stains set into your carpet it can be very hard to get rid of it. If you want have your carpet well-maintained, then when a spill occurs, take necessary steps. In the event that the juice is spilled on the floor or your carpet, you may use a stain remover and then, resume to work. The longer it stays, the more time it needs to be soaked deeper in the fibers of your carpet. If your carpet takes hold of the stains it can be very hard to decrease. Plus, you will have a stain in the carpet until you contact a professional carpet cleaning company.

Grime and Dirt

Grime and dirt are the most expected items to be trapped into the carpet. Individuals walk over it in bare feet, and in shoes bringing in mud, dirt, dust and others, as well as who knows what else your carpet brings in from the outside world. Even if you vacuum your carpet on a regular basis, the dirt can still get trapped deep inside within the fibers. In addition to that, this is reinforced when your carpet gets wet due to the rain or something that is being spilled. While nobody really wants to have dirty and stained carpets, the effect of the dirt or grime can result to health problems over time.

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