A lot of times, many homeowners tend to select arbitrary deadlines for their carpet cleaning however, the leading agency on pollution has made some official tips on when you should have your carpets cleaned and maintained.

Carpet Cleaning Rochester NY


If you and your wife do not smoke and do not live in extremely muddy, cold or dusty climate, then you should be celebrating since you acquired the longest period in between the cleaning of your carpet. Professionals like carpet cleaning Rochester NY recommend six to twelve months between carpet cleanings. This changes if you lie in a dusty place or other desert climates. With all those dust and other forms of debris getting tracked in, they recommend every 2 months.

For those people which have to deal with the constant barrage of snow and rain as well as too much or extreme cold climates, professionals recommend every 4 to 6 months. If you are living in places with high humidity, on the other hand, then they also recommend 4 to 6 months.


You already know and it is quite very obvious that smoking can definitely increase life and health insurance premiums. It also impacts carpet cleaning. As a matter of fact, a cigarette is created with a lot of pollutants and toxins which infiltrate all aspects of your house from the floors to your ceiling, and your clothes, as well.

If you are living in a normal temperature place, then you just avail 4 months between carpet cleanings. Dusty places cut that by half to only 2 months. If you need cleaning your carpet where you are stranded in cold climates and high humidity then it must be cleaned once every 3 to 4 months.

Young Kids

Young kids or even babies can be so disgusting. When an item is not coming out from one corner, it is coming out the other way. As they grow the crawl and throw food around your home, picking up almost everything and placing it in their mouths. Homes with young kids have to be totally clean not just because kids are dirty and messy, but also because the carpet needs to be safe for your children. Professionals recommend that carpet during normal climates should be cleaned every 6 months.

In addition to that, carpets should be safe for them. There are also some places that deserve to be cleaned once every 3 months in accordance with extreme high humidity and cold temperature places. These cleaning procedures are very safe for pets and children.

Pet Dander

You love your pets whether they are dogs or cats, and they shed anywhere. The more pets you own, the more hair is scattered everywhere. If you take the time to brush the hairs, you now have the idea of how much they’ve shed. Carpet vacuuming can definitely help however, it is tough to keep up with the hairs that were lost. Pet dander and hair can basically cause aggravation to problems with asthma and other allergies, and a lot more.